May 19, 2014

Back to school, Okita! – Hakuouki SSL ~Sweet School Life~ photoshoot

Hello hello ~

For quite some time now I've been gathering all the clothing parts needed for SSL Okita's summer and winter uniforms! It's a bit ironic that the last piece of clothing I found was technically the simplest and should-have-been-the-easiest-to-find one – namely a plain white long-sleeved shirt. All the other parts were easier to find than a dang white dress shirt that fit me. xD Oh well, the search is over now and yesterday on 18th May I went out with Hasakitsuki as the photographer to have a photoshoot as well as a cosplay preview on school boy Okita. Yep, you're totally getting a sneak peek on my Desucon 2014 Sunday cosplay, woot woot!

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Souji Okita)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki
Photo editor: Valkoinen Samurai

It's a bit funny because we were actually shooting late in the night; around eight or something and well, it was still surprisingly bright outside – ah, the joys of midnight sun approaching. Cosplay photoshoots are possible 24/7, eff yeah!
Actually, it was a bit cold towards the end but nothing too bad. Spring weather is coming, otherwise I wouldn't even have been able to go outside this lightly dressed without turning into a frozen fish stick, hah. Oh, and this surface I'm lying on is a bit risky to, well, lie on. If I roll too much and fall off I'd likely die... or at least get badly injured, oops. It's pretty high up haha, and there's only asphalt and poles down there – and a car or two, sometimes. But it looked cool on photos so it was worth being hazardous! And I'm careful anyways.

I keep thinking if I should still trim this wig slightly but I don't knoooooow. We'll see. I might style it as well when the con creeps closer. Oh, and this is random but I spent forever doing the makeup, especially the eyes. I keep experimenting to find what looks cool. And of course I took some obligatory selfie photos to show off my eyes more clearly. Have one!

That's all that I had to say. :) I'm out of here!
Valkoinen Samurai says sayonara ~


FankiKitsune said...

Oooooooo! Mun oli ihan pakko tulla kommentoimaan, että mäkin ehkä olen Desun sunnuntaina koulupuvussa! Hitsugayana, jos kerkeän saamaan ensin lauantain cossin pois alta. :D

Psycho Cat said...

Oh my wonderful photos and you are on a so nice place they have been taken at. =D

Hasaki Tsuki said...

Such eyes. Such poses. SUCH FEELS, you're a really pretty school boy ;p
I really love your careless look (and this pic on which you're pointing is so in-character, I can totally imagine Okita teasing Chizuru... *faints*), but please watch out, Okita-senpai ~ <3

Sairu Chan said...

Purrr~ Those pics are great! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

I really like the eye make-up on these photos and some angles are really cool! My personal favourite is the 5th picture.