April 15, 2012

Finishing Ichito's "jacket"


So today I finished Ichito's "jacket" hitatare? chihaya? I don't know thingy.
First off I attached the sleeves to the body and then I just hemmed everything. I left the sleeves open on both sides and the body of the garment is fully open at the sides too.

Sleeves are on.
Huge sleeves...
After hemming everything I just had left to do those chest cord decoration thingies... so here's how I made them:

Draw the shape.
 First off I went to our outside storage and cut off a tiny square of this one leather-ish plum colored fabric. Then I took a reference and drew the shape of those flame/flower/whatever decorations and cut them out.

Sew them to the ribbons... (notice sewing machine left fugly marks on them -.-)
... and then sew them to the collar of the "jacket".
And then it was finished. Now I can just tie them whenever wearing it. Although I could have made those ribbons a bit longer mom pointed out, oh well.

Ah, lovely thing ~
Now I have left to do the obi, "flap" with higanbana design, dark blue kimono, tekkou, bracelet, tattsuke hakama-ish pants, feet wrappings, shoes, eyepatch... err... let's just say everything else. OTL

Bye bye!


  1. Ihanan isot hihat!!!!! >:3333
    Yks vaan osa tehdä! ja saat sen näyttää niin helpolta. *muistelee Chizurun paitaa ja repii hiuksiaan*

    tästä tulee niin HIENO!

  2. Looking really good. I love it so far.

  3. Nyt ku nään noi hihat tolleen, ni tajuan miten hitosti niitä napinläpiä oikein onkaan. O_O
    Hyvältä näyttää. ^_^

    1. Niitä oli 43 napinläpiä per hiha, jos en laskenut väärin. Voin sanoa että ei kyllä haluta heti uudestaan tehä niitä. XD

  4. Oi, takki onkin jo valmis! On se tyylikäs. xD

    Kokonaisuus näyttää varmasti hienolta, kun saat kaiken valmiiksi. ;)


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