February 19, 2012

New anime obsession...

Ahaha, gosh... so today I started watching the Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan anime... and I'm hooked! I've been watching episode 1 to 9 pretty much without pauses and AHRGSHHAGDJADGS must cosplay Souji Okita! He is just too awesome! Ugh I feel bad for him, I have a feeling he'll die of his illness... Hajime Saitou I will probably also cosplay, he is cool... oh boy, my cosplay list sure keeps on growing man...

But yeah, truth be told I've known and been interested in Hakuōki for a while already, but it was only until some few days ago when I got really really interested. See, I happened to hear that the game had been released in America for PSP recently and so of course I had to order it when it now was available outside Japan and I can understand the plot. lol (I've been planning to get it anyway)
Then I watched the anime because I was so curious and it seemed pretty... and now I'm sfihufgufihuihuuh I love animes like this! It's awesome it is based on historical persons, shinsengumi etc. I like that kind of stuff.

Now I need to decide who to cosplay first, Okita or Saitou? I guess it'll be Saitou because he is easier but I love Okita more... oh well, I get more time to do Okita just right, and besides I'll think I'll go with the more complicated game version of him because he has that beautiful golden ring patterning on his kimono's left side in the game, it's absent in the anime.

UOOORGH, I already find myself looking for wigs for Saitou and references and whatnot... lol the life of a cosplayer, my wallet probably hates me. XD

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