February 13, 2012

Kitacon 4 summary


Ah, Kitacon in Kemi is now over. It's the world's most northern con (what I've heard) and only maybe a 25 km drive from my home.. heh, the only con in Finland that can be considered close to me. Normally I have to travel to the other end of the country for cons...

Oh well, my friend Jäärä visited me during the weekend so we could go to the con together. She cosplayed Retsu Unohana in her Turn Back the Pendulum version to match my Jushiro Ukitake cosplay, both characters from Bleach. We both had shikai versions too, meaning I had my twin swords and Unohana had her Minazuki plush... it had a zipper in the mouth so we could carry our money and camera and stuff in it. Very handy. But Minazuki's face kept derping. xD
The con was small-ish but comfy and the atmosphere was right. We just walked around the con and had fun and all that jazz. At one time one of the cosplay competition judges saw us and went "Hey guys, you two should seriously consider entering the cosplay competition!" (or something like that) and first we were unsure but then we signed up anyway. They had actually just closed the registration but they made an exception for us. We competed as a duo by the way, if it was not clear. I was so nervous and me and Unohana were the last ones (number 22) to go up to scene. I'm not really the one to stand on a scene normally and I was so nervous back-stage even though I've competed at two small events before too but I somehow relaxed as soon as we entered the stage together and the audience cheered loudly. We actually got 2nd place together, it felt awesome. Yay we got cosplay medals~

I won't tell so much more about the con but if anyone is interested to read more about the weekend there's some more information in my journal at deviantArt. Now I'm waiting for the studio photos taken of us. I hope I'm not doing stupid faces...

Oh, and we got into the Pohjolan Sanomat newspaper... so there's a big photo of us two in costume. Oh gawd. x)

That's it. See ya!


Jäärä said...

OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL mul on iha sikamagee fiilis edelleen :3333 Iha ku en olisikaan täysin hyödytön! IHANA OOT KIITOS IHANASTA VIIKONLOPUSTAA!

Shuntorizzy said...

ooh! onnea teille! Ja oisitte ansainnu kyl saada vaikka 1. sijan, nuo teidän cossit on nii upeitaa! > 3 <