July 24, 2018

Närcon 2018 (potential) cosplay plans!

Hello folks!

I haven't mentioned it in here yet (I think) but I am going to Närcon this year too! I've bought a ticket second-hand a while ago and I'll be camping again, höhöhöööh~

I'm pretty sure everyone who is going is aware of one little detail and that is that even Närcon itself has officially gone out with a warning about the massive heat wave that is likely to be during the con, some sites even claiming it to be the warmest week of the year. Needless to say I'm pretty sure that this information made a lot of people change their cosplay plans last minute, me included.

Super-mega-viktigt att göra:
- Ta med en vattenflaska. Fyll på den varje gång du går från en aktivitet till en ny. Drick ca 2 liter vatten per dag.
- Ta med solskyddsfaktor, vätskeersättning och annat som hjälper dig tackla värmen. Ha gärna keps eller annan hatt som skyddar mot solen.
- Lämna din varma cosplay hemma. Det kan vara riktigt trist att inte få visa upp sin fina cosplay, men det är ännu mer trist att svimma i solen.
- Det är direkt farligt att ha varm cosplay i år. Lämna den hemma. Ta inte med den. Ja, det gäller även din fursuit, din plåtrustning eller din John Snow-rock.

The text above was posted by Närcon at their event page and it states, in Swedish, that it is directly dangerous to have a warm cosplay this year and they urge you to leave it at home and not take it with you. I'm heeding the advice. I'm not a person who copes with heat very well and I'd rather be comfy than faint so yeah, my original planned cosplay went into the bin and I had to think of what I ~could~ actually bring with me...

Which proved to be incredibly tough as I realized that 99% of my wearable cosplays consists of multiple layers. Fuck my life. :))

Buuuuuuuuuuuut I think I came up with something. At least ~potential~ cosplay plans! This means that I'll most likely bring these cosplays with me but when and if I wear them remains a mystery and will depend on the weather and my mood. I'm more likely to wear these out after the worst heat has passed, aka during the evening. Better safe than sorry!


Main cosplay

Series: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Character: Hotaru

I am not giving up on Hotaru again as I've been postponing his debut way too long already! I really want to wear him out and I feel like Närcon is the best place to do so as SDK was published in Sweden for a while and thus I have a chance of stumbling upon other fans who'd recognize me. :'D Ironically enough Hotaru is one of my "cooler cosplays" and yet wearing him means three layers of clothing on the upper body... when will I do something actually cool?? At least he has shorts to balance it out somewhat. *shrugs* I will hopefully wear him on either Friday or Saturday evening, perhaps both.

Secondary cosplay??

I might or might not bring a second cosplay but if I do (I'll know when I get home later today and can check what cosplays have all their parts where I can find them lol) it's probably gonna be either a random character from Hetalia in casual gear, Souji Okita from Hakuouki in his yukata, a generic Jedi or perhaps even a Team Aqua Grunt from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. I'm really unsure where the gloves and shoes for the Grunt are but if I can find them I am leaning towards bringing him right now and yes, his debut is also very long due, just like with Hotaru. xD I'm in a Pokémon mood right now!


Närcon has always been infamous for being either really warm or rainy as it's always at the exact same time of year (last full weekend of July) and often on heat waves but yeah, this year is gonna be worse than usual. Weather forecasts promise pretty much 30 degrees for the whole duration of the con so we're all gonna die. Period. 
If anyone's curious my original plans included to take part in the Touken Ranbu cosplay group as uchiban Kashuu Kiyomitsu but yeah, with this heat I'm leaving him home without a second thought as that cosplay is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY TOO HOT.

I think that's about it. Tomorrow early-as-shit I'm leaving for Linköping so wish me luck and see ya there!

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