March 25, 2018

[Sponsored] Lens review: EOS Super Neon Blue

Hello folks!

It's me again and today's post will be all about some awesome blue circle lenses called EOS Super Neon Blue, hang with me and I'll tell you all about them! \o/ Let it be known that this gorgeous pair was sponsored from LoveShoppingholics, my latest partner. This review will include me detailing my experiences with them as well so yeah, let's get to it!

The lenses that I'm reviewing in this blog post were sponsored by LoveShoppingholics, meaning that I did not pay for the product(s) out of my own pocket. This does, however, not affect my honesty in any way. The words and opinions in this review are mine and mine alone, I don't ever compromise the truth.

Base curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

Before I get to the fun part I want to say a few words about LoveShoppingholics and their store. They originally contacted me already on June last year and asked for a collaboration, but I declined the offer as I was really busy with school and some other real-life urgencies that stressed me out; I simply didn't have the time nor energy to take on another sponsor deal at that point in life. They were kind and understanding and so I wrote back to them on December when things had calmed down a bit – they answered after three days and said that they'd be really glad to work with me. ;w; We went through the details and they would always reply either on the same day or on the day after, which I thought was really good!

I am not sure when exactly they shipped my lenses but I think it's pretty safe to assume that shipping took around a month, as it got caugh in the Christmas rush, and I received the lenses on mid-January. I'm sorry I have forgotten what the actual shipment looked like but I think it was just an ordinary padded envelope? I had to pick it up from the nearest postal service as it was not delivered directly home.

Regarding the actual store I guess that it's overall nice-looking but feels a bit cluttered and hard to use? I don't really like the layout as it feels confusing, but at least there are filters, categories etc to help you navigate. Maybe it's just my browser but both the FAQ and the About Us pages seem to be empty/missing as nothing's turning up when I click on them. Same thing goes for other information links found at the bottom of their store, which concerns me. I hope it's just my browser or that it got lost when the site had its makeover, as I recall it looked different before. But yeah, as I can't access any basic information about their company it's a bit hard for me to tell anything about them and being sure that I'm not spreading false information. What I do know though is that they sell Korean circle lenses along with makeup products, beauty products and some fashion items. Their copyright at the bottom says 2005-2018 so if that's to be believed then they've been around for quite a long time!
Also, I did know of their site even before they contacted me, although I had not purchased from them.

I sadly can't give you more information as the site seems incomplete in that regard. ^^" But what I do know is that they are quick to answer emails, very patient and understanding and they ship within reasonable time frames. The lenses I received appear normal and safe to wear, so that seems to be alright!

And now back to the review!

The lenses came in this cute drawstring bag!
All package contents laid out.
The lenses arrived wrapped in this kind of spongy foam and were inside a cute drawstring bag with a pink bow on it. It's the small details that make the experience! With them also came a lens case and a 'thank you ' card. I'm not too excited about the cute animal cases as, although I'll admit they're stinking cute, I've had multiple experiences with them leaking during travels and thus I only use them for "home lenses" – to be on the safe side.


Before wearing any contact lenses I always take them out of their little glass bottles and put them to soak overnight in lens solution – it's not recommended to wear lenses straight out of the vials, in case you didn't know it. The solution that the lenses come stored in is not the same as the ordinary solution you buy from the pharmacy etc.

One lens in. Notice size difference!
I had no trouble inserting these lenses (despite the fact that my eyes were super dry and stingy on one of the days) and they felt nice directly. On the first day I tried these I could wear them for 1 full hour despite that my eyes were screamingly dry already before I put them in, which is quite a feat as my eyes usually don't do contacts at all on dry days, hah. I tried them again on a "normal eyes day" and 2 hours went by easily with no problems, which leads me to assume that approximate wearing time on dry peepers are around 2-4 hours – on non-dry eyes longer, of course. These lenses don't feel stingy or anything of the sort and I, quite honestly, don't feel them in my eyes. My eyes do feel dry after I take the lenses off but yeah, that's not different from any other pair of lenses that I've worn.

The design of the EOS Super Neon series is really likable. It's simple and thus plays it safe but because it's got such a massive limbal ring going on it appears really striking and effectful! The color tends to the dark side but it doesn't get lost as an indistinguishable blob of blackness when viewed from a distance, which is good. Yes, the lenses stay undeniably blue and the blue shade itself is mesmerizing and pulls the viewer's gaze in. I've been feeling like blue lenses for the past couple weeks and these are amazing! 
One thing that had me surprised was that I expected these lenses to look massive because of the wide black rim but, lo and behold, they don't eat up my eyes and transform me into a dolly E.T. x) Of course the size increase is there but it's more versatile than I initially thought!

Lens photos below!
All photos taken by me during a March afternoon with a cloudy sky and snowy weather. All close-up photos are free from color filters and such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Apartment, natural room light.
Apartment, yellow room light.
Bathroom light.
Facing window, sun side.
Facing window, not sun side.
Flash photo. (indoors)
Outdoors, back against sun. (facing wall)
Outdoors, facing the sun... or more like, the cloudy sky.
The coverage is pretty solid and these lenses look really good on my light blue-gray eyes! I'm quite confident these are suitable for cosplay as well because the color is, after all, quite vibrant. I'd still first-hand use them as a fashion lens but they definitely have enough impact to serve in many fields!

Distance photos!

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Short summary:

Color: 8/10
Beautiful, dreamy and intriguing blue color that has a soul to it.
Design: 8/10
Simple yet stylish design with a wide black rim and plenty of depth.
Opacity: 8/10

Can't claim anything else except that they cover well on light eyes. No complaints!

Enlargement: 6/10
Smaller than I initially expected, but looks gorgeous nonetheless.
Comfort: 6/10
Pretty okay. My estimate is about 2-4 hours on super-dry eyes like me. There's no apparent stinginess or irritation.
Naturalness: 3/10

Too big and bold to look convincing. More magical than realistic.

Thank you so much for reading my review, I hope you liked it! ^_^
Big thanks to LoveShoppingholics for making it possible~

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