July 22, 2017

Närcon 2017 preliminary cosplay plans!

Hello guys!

Närcon is closing in like a storm (27-30 July) and I've decided to go there this year too! I've been rather quiet about it on social media and such but it's just simply because there's been a lot of planning involved to make it possible. ^^" I'll be carpooling with a good friend from the north and staying the night at my big sister's place, for the last time. She's moving away from Linköping very soon.
I've got myself a ticket for not so long ago (bought it second-hand and thus got it a bit cheaper, fuck yeah!) and everything seems set now... except that I'm still fretting over my cosplay plans. xD You see, I'm still not 100% sure of what I will bring but I'll still go ahead and post my preliminary plans!


Series: ???
Character: ???

I swear my Thursday cosplay is still a great mystery to me and yes, even with the con less than a week away. -_- I've been going through a lot of potential candidates but I just can't decide on what to bring – a lot of my costume options are also restricted because of being either in need of upgrading or repairing, not suitable for high heat and/or rain or I just don't want to (re)wear it yet for whatever reason. In other words: almost everything gets ruled out by one reason or another (even though I have 50+ costumes, lol) and I just don't fucking know. :)) I'm not even sure if I'll cosplay on Thursday because I mostly spend that day checking out what the con has to offer and thus I don't want to wear a cumbersome cosplay. We'll see.


Series: Touken Ranbu
Character: Yamato no Kami Yasusada

Finally I can rewear Yasusada now that I have better hakama for him! I'm hoping for a photoshoot (I have like no proper photos of this cosplay!) and it would be nice to find other sword boys too, hehe. I'm just crossing my thumbs that it won't be too hot because yeah, the blue kimono that I use for Yasusada is actually made of wool... xD Then again, Närcon is pretty much infamous for either heat waves or a shitlot of rain.


Series: Touken Ranbu
Character: Kashuu Kiyomitsu

Aaaand Kashuu for the next day! I want to photoshoot him as well so I'm hoping that Firith will give me a helping hand with this one too. Kashuu might also be a borderline too hot cosplay for Närcon's weather –just like Yasusada– but as they say in Finnish "cosplay without pain is pretending". :DD But, then again, pretty much all my cosplays are too hot for summer anyway, lmao.


On Sunday I won't be cosplaying – heck, I might not even be at the con at all. It's such a short day anyway and I have a long way home so I might just go by a quickie on the morning and grab food or something and then leave, I don't know. 

Also, regarding Kashuu's and Yasusada's days – they are not set and I might very well swap the boys around, depending on my mood and the weather. If it's raining on one of the days I'll wear Yasusada on the rainy day because yeah, that costume likely won't take damage from rain the same way as Kashuu's silk outfit might. ^^; Yes, both cosplays consist of vintage kimono and hakama.

That's my preliminary cosplay line-up for Närcon! See ya there!
Shiro Samurai says byebye ~

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Frozen Angel said...

Have fun at Närcon even for my part and I look forward to see the photoshoots of your swordboys!