January 31, 2017

[Sponsored] Lens review: O-lens BaviPhat 3 Color Pink

Hello world!

Here comes a review for a really natural and ultra comfortable pink lens, namely the O-lens BaviPhat 3 Color Pink. I got these lenses from my newest sponsor, Pinkicon, and this post will thus also include a quick store review. ^_^ They contacted me a while ago and invited me to review a pair of lenses from their shop! Of course I accepted the offer!

The lenses in this post were kindly sponsored by Pinkicon.
All my reviews are 100% my honest, unbiased opinion. Always.

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 6 months

Before I go on with the actual review I want to say a few words about my experiences and thoughts about Pinkicon's store and customer service.
Pinkicon is a circle lens shop based in Hong Kong. I must admit that based on the country of origin I was a bit worried at first, mainly because Hong Kong is largely known as a "bootleg country", meaning where a lot of counterfeit goods come from. Good thing is that I knew about their shop before they contacted me (thanks to having read reviews by some friends) and thus I also knew that they weren't shady but actually a trustable store – yet I had never bought anything from them before.
So yeah, they contacted me and invited me to review a pair of lenses, gave me some options, I picked out the one that interested me the most and they sent the lenses and gave me a tracking number; tracking numbers are always an appreciated addition! I decided to go with pink lenses because they stood out from the swarms of brown options and I was excited about the idea of an unnatural color like pink looking unnaturally... natural.

Pinkicon seem to focus more on daily and casual/everyday lenses, instead of more vibrant costuming ones – so if you enjoy more natural-looking lenses then Pinkicon is a good store to check out. They also carry a bunch of brands that were previously unknown to me (and I know a lot of brands, haha) and also have some well-known ones, like EOS, Dueba, Neo, Freshlook etc. :) Of course they also carry the ever popular GEO lenses.
On a quick glance it seemed like a majority of the lenses were brown in color (or meant to enhance dark eyes), especially those from the brands that I didn't recognize. This is just a wild guess from my side but I think that some of those brands that are new to me might be popular daily brands in Asia; I'm not as invested in everyday circle lens brand knowledge. ^^"

My first impression of the store itself was that it looks a bit crammed/cluttered (so many images on the front page!) but it's also surprisingly easy to navigate, I have to admit. There's a convenient brand list and tabs that you can hover over to find what you need. Pinkicon carries more than just contact lenses as well – you can buy cosmetics, beauty products and even some wigs. As you can guess from the name the main color on the website is pink and it gives a really cute and feminine touch to the site.

I can't say much about customer service except that their English is surprisingly good and they answer within reasonable times. I got my lenses in approximately two weeks, which is pretty standard for a shipment from Asia to Europe. I really have nothing to complain about and I'm happy to get this chance to do a review for them and try out a new brand of circle lenses! I would recommend Pinkicon, especially if you like to wear natural or semi-natural circle lenses in your daily life!

So I got my package in about two weeks and it was one of those ordinary bubblewrap envelopes. The lenses came in a cute plastic package and were safely wrapped in bubblewrap. I also got a printed order confirmation sheet, a Pinkicon booklet showcasing the O-lens series collection (it's really nice!) as well as instructions on how to wear and care for contact lenses. I'm not sure why but I also got a GEO lenses paper with lens care instructions as well, even though I did not order GEO lenses. Oh well, at least newcomers can't possibly miss out on how to care and insert your lenses because there were two papers detailing it and even the pretty booklet had a page dedicated to it. xD

Pinkicon package contents.
I want to specify that the O-Lens collection booklet featured several different O-Lens lens series with model photos, eye close-ups (with lens) on the different color choices, information about the lenses (diameter, lifespan, material, water content etc) – it's honestly really nice to look at and it's informative as well. The booklet is mainly in Chinese but the lens specifications are written in English. In the end of the booklet there's a compilation/overview list showing all the lenses and ranging them by lifespan: 1 day, 1 month and 6 months. The list is really convenient and makes it easy to compare all the different series for future purchases – I wish other stores also did this kind of booklets!

The front of the O-Lens BaviPhat Pink's package.
(the lens case is there for size estimate)
The backside of the O-Lens BaviPhat Pink's package.
That's about it for my Pinkicon experience. I must admit that the little pink plastic package the lenses came in was cute and it was also easy to open. Heheh.
Now let's move on to the actual review of the lenses themselves!

~ Lens review ahead! ~

As per usual, before wearing these lenses, I put them to soak in lens solution over the night. Make sure to let your lenses soak for at least 8 hours before wearing them; the solution in the vials that the lenses are stored in is not the same as your ordinary lens solution and thus it might irritate your eyes. It's highly recommended to let your lenses soak before wearing them.

These lenses look semi-natural in their vials, and by this I mean that the color looks sparse enough to be of the kind that will blend naturally into my eyes. These lenses also have a surprisingly thick dark brown limbal ring, which makes your eyes stand out and look bigger. I like how it's brown and not black because the brown color is not as in-your-face and gives a calmer appearance and smoother transition from the pink – it's simply just more discreet and works well with this kind of lens that isn't aiming to be a costuming lens.

One lens in. Notice the enlargement effect.
As you can see the lenses are decent in size but a bit on the big side, especially if we consider that they seem to be aiming to be a more everyday lens. I actually like the enlargement, it doesn't feel overly big or like I'd suddenly have huge doll eyes; I think these BaviPhat lenses would work just fine even without makeup! I'm actually finding myself liking these lenses a lot more than I initially thought I would. Also, a stellar comfort doesn't hurt.

I have light blue-gray eyes naturally and these lenses look pretty lovely on my eyes. I like how the pink doesn't completely disappear into my eyes and you can actually tell what color it's supposed to be, while still letting my real eye color shine through just enough to make the lenses look beautifully semi-realistic. The blending effect is balancing perfectly on that fine line of being eye-catching yet subtle, if that makes sense.
It's a simple lens in terms of design but it has its charm in being just that, simple. I didn't think that pink lenses could look this realistic while still being recognizable as pink. Sometimes having a more toned-down lens is really refreshing after all those super vibrant cosplay lenses; I'm starting to see the appeal of more realistic and 'humble' lenses, haha.

A lot of lens photos ahead!
All photos taken by me during a January afternoon with a semi-clear sky. All close-up photos are free from color filters and such and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Apartment room light. Lamps on.
Facing the window in my apartment. Sun side.
Bathroom light.
Bathroom/shower light. Steamy. My friend recently showered.
Flash photo.
White light in the corridor.
Yellow light in the corridor.
Facing a window in the corridor. Not sun side. Blue hour...?
Facing a window in the corridor. Not sun side.
Weak yellow light in the staircase.
Indoors storage room.
Here's a couple more close-up photos, all taken outdoors!
Of course these are also free from color filters and taken by me as well.

Back against sun. Facing the wall, in other words.
Facing the sun while it's hidden by clouds.
Facing the sun.Winter-time light, aka sun is low on the horizon.
Facing the setting sun.
Holy crabsticks. The comfort. The freakin' comfort.
It was ages ago I last had a lens that was this pleasant to wear! ♥ I seriously was a bit sceptical to these at first but they punched my assumptions where it hurts and grabbed that gold medal. I swear I've worn these for 8+ hours and ever since I inserted them I've barely even noticed that I'm actually wearing circle lenses. These are ultra mega comfortable, easy to insert and thin in a non-frustrating and non-floppy way, lol. I honestly didn't expect these lenses to be anywhere near this amazing to wear! I was expecting average comfort but this is like... one of the best lenses I've ever owned. Holy shiiiiiit. I also want to make it clear that I normally have dry and sensitive eyes and thus it's quite the challenge to find some really comfy lenses sometimes – but O-Lens BaviPhat hit the spot!
These don't blur my vision, no scratchy feelings, no watering eyes, red eyes nor itchiness and I have to remind myself that I'm wearing lenses or I would probably fall asleep with these on, lmao. I even went out in town and visited a friend with these on and all around I couldn't stop being impressed by how invisible the lenses felt in my eyes. If only all lenses could be this perfect in comfort...

Distance photo!

Short summary:

Color: 6/10
For being a more natural lens, yet being pink, the color is surprisingly good! Soft shade.
Design: 6/10
A simple design. It has its charms and works great as a daily lens because it's not too fake looking.
Opacity: 5/10
Blends into my eyes, creating a semi-natural look. The pink still shows up more than I initially expected, a pleasant surprise!
Enlargement: 5/10
Quite big for being a semi-realistic lens. Not overwhelming. Good size.
Comfort: 10/10
Extremely comfortable. I can wear these 9 hours and I don't even feel that I have lenses on, even with my dry and sensitive eyes! Extremely easy to insert. Invisible to wear – exceeded my expectations tenfold!
Naturalness: 5/10
Even for being an unnatural color these come off as semi-natural. The size and the limbal ring gives them away on a closer look, but this is definitely a solid everyday choice for lens lovers!

Thanks you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review! ^0^
Thank you, Pinkicon! ♡

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