September 15, 2016

Lens review: TheDollyEye BarbieDoll 400 Green

Meep meep!

I have a lens review for today's post! ^_^ I actually bought this specific pair many years ago (back when I started getting into circle lenses) because I was really drawn to the swirl design. The pair I'm talking about is the TheDollyEye BarbieDoll 400 Green! I've been kinda saving them for years, waiting to get some cosplay use of them, until I realized that the expiry date was creeping closer and closer. Oops! So yeah, I can't hold on to these babies forever and so I decided to play it safe and open them before 2017 kicks in ~

The thing with these lenses though is that they are kinda... confusing. I mean that in the sense that they go under surprisingly many different names; some names I've seen these lenses under include Dueba Windy Green, Dueba Candy Roller Green and a shortened form of their usual name BD400 Green. The original manufacturer is Dueba but my pair was rebranded under the TheDollyEye label, which also means that the "real" name would be Dueba BarbieDoll 400 Green, haha. So many names...

But now, begin the review!

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm

Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

These were one of the first circle lenses that attracted me I'm a fan of swirly designs and these lenses really make me think about whirlwinds! Needless to say I'm really fond of the design because yeah, when worn it looks like one has cute mini tornadoes in the eyes. c: I also like how the black limbal ring becomes a part of the design of the lens and spins towards the center it's really pretty and mesmerizing somehow.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
The color is a lovely soft light green that, surprisingly, despite its shade, doesn't disappear into my blue-gray eyes. I was honestly expecting these to just blend in too much and vanish but, luckily, that's not the case! The color is not super bold, vibrant or anything but it's definitely there and it sorta gives a kind and warm look to my eyes makes me look like a cinnamon roll, hihi. I also really like how the black lines make the lenses appear dreamy when viewed from a distance. ♥ There is still a slight risk though that in some poorer lights the lenses disappear into my light eyes and turn into a muddy greenish gray...

Comfort is not the best, at least not for me. :/ These lenses are easy to insert but for me this particular pair started to feel dry and itchy after about 40 minutes and yeah, as soon as 1 hour had passed I kept thinking about taking them off because I could feel that they dried out and irritated my eyes, not in a painful way but in a "I can't pretend I'm not bothered by it" kind of way, lol. I also found myself blinking slowly, in hopes of getting those sudden stingy feelings to go away. Sometimes my vision would blur slightly too but it's not bad at all. After 2 hours had passed I took them off because they felt dry; actually, already during 1,5 hours I really wanted to take them out, but I persisted until 2 hours. Please note though that I seem to have sensitive and dry eyes so yeah, take my experiences with a grain of salt since everyone's eyes are different.
Then again, my lenses would have expired on March 2017 had I not opened them so yeah, that might play a part with the rocky comfort.

Regarding enlargement these circle lenses are not tiny but they definitely won't eat up your eyes either. I'd say that they're rather average in size and, much to my enjoyment, these lenses work really well even without any makeup on! Most circle lenses I've had requires at least some basic eyeliner to not look off but these could rock the whole everyday lens route, haha. I think they're really versatile!

Lens photos ahead ~
All photos taken by me during a September afternoon with a semi-clear sky.
There's no color filters or such on the close-up photos and that's so that the colors would be as true to real life as possible.

Apartment room light, lamps on.
Apartment room light, only natural light.
Flash photo.
White light in the corridor.
Really shitty yellow light in the corridor.
Yellow light in the staircase.
Facing a weak orange-ish light in the staircase, back against
a window (natural light).
Indoors storage room, with natural light coming from the side.
Outdoors, facing the sun while being under the roof's shadow.
Outdoors, facing sun while it's partly covered by clouds.
Outdoors, facing sun directly.
Outdoors, standing in the shadow of the building.
Okay so, I totally think these cute lenses work for many different purposes; you could use them for cosplay, j-fashion and even as a daily or casual lens! The BarbieDoll 400 is a fun lens with a fresh color that you can just put on and go! These lenses forgive you on those days you want to wear circle lenses but can't be bothered to slather your face in products, hehe.
The design is attractive, magical and eye-catching but without being too obvious or cartoony the softness actually makes me think about nymphs, forest fairies or some other supernatural forest dwellers. I'd recommend these for anyone who likes whirly cute lenses that are versatile ~

Distance photo, yeah!

Want to see these lenses but in other colors? Check out my other review: Blue

Short summary:

Color: 8/10 
A soft light green. Really pretty and surprisingly visible. Reminds me of fairytale forest creatures.
Design: 9/10 
Gorgeous swirl design, it's like magical whirlwinds in your eyes!
Opacity: 7/10
Surprisingly covering. I was expecting the green color to disappear into my light eyes but it shows up, and nicely so.
Enlargement: 6/10
Average. Small enough to not look freaky without makeup on.
Comfort: 4/10 
Maybe it's just this pair but they felt dry already after approximately 40 minutes. Sometimes blurs my vision and might feel stingy. Really dry after 2 hours, had to take them off.
Naturalness: 3/10 
Despite the fancy design, limbal ring and soft green color these don't come off as too unnatural. Sort of works as a casual lens.

 Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed this review! ^.^

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