January 22, 2016

Convention plans 2016!

Yo peeps!

I thought I could do a list of what anime conventions I have planned to go to this year. I will order the cons by an estimated date when they will happen (not in chronological order since all dates aren't even out yet). ^_^ I've been thinking about doing this kind of list as a reference to both myself and all my friends who want to know where they might have a good chance of meeting me!

 Let's go!


SWE • Närcon Vinter 2016
FIN • Cosvision 2016
FIN • Kummacon 2016
SWE • Skecon 2016
SWE • Närcon 2016
SWE • Nerdcon 2016
FIN • Matsucon 2016
FIN • Tracon 2016
FIN • Kitacon 2016

And here's the "how likely I am to attend each con" list.

Närcon Vinter > SET
Cosvision > LIKELY
Kummacon > VERY LIKELY
Skecon > SET
Nerdcon > SET
Matsucon > VERY LIKELY
Kitacon > SET

The scale goes like this: set > very likely > likely > considering

Please note that these can still change and that I might have missed to list a con or two; if I get sick or something I obviously won't be able to go to a con, even if it was marked "set" etc. ^^" This list is just an estimation and I reserve the right for any changes, adjustments etc. 
Cons that are not listed I have no interest in attending, or the interest is so small that I just didn't bother to list them. Oh, and Kemin mangapäivä (Kemi's manga day) is not listed because I have no clue when it is and well, you can't really consider it a convention anyway.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope to see you peeps around!
Ciao mjau!

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