August 13, 2015

Nerdcon 2015 cosplay plans – Bring out the oldie!


I haven't mentioned to many but yes, I am attending Nerdcon in Umeå, Sweden, this year too! And just like last year I will be a volunteer worker there as well! :D I won't be at the cafeteria though, even though that's what I applied for at first – you see, a week or so before the con Nerdcon informed me that they won't have their own cafeteria like last year (aka there will still be one but it's not driven by Nerdcon) so my working area got changed into the "activity helper/checker and assistant" one. I'm really looking forward to getting some new working experience and I'm hoping that it's gonna be just as fun as last year!
Oh, and in case you didn't know this year Nerdcon is a 2-day con. Last year it was only one day so yes, they're growing!! Nerdcon is held on 14-15th August, aka starting tomorrrow on Friday. I'M SO LATE WITH THIS POST OMG. As you can see Nerdcon is a bit different, since usually the con days are almost always put on Saturday and Sunday, but Nerdcon is Friday and Saturday instead.

But hey! The reason I'm writing my cosplay plans only one meager day away from the con is because I've seriously had the hardest time ever to come up with what to cosplay!! Pinky promise.
I figured quickly that I will want a cosplay that is easy to move around in, comfortable to wear and that preferably doesn't have big-ish props like swords and such that could get in the way. Thing is that a big chunk of all my cosplay do have swords..................
At one point I considered doing one of my Hakuouki SSL cosplays, then I considered Rurouni Kenshin's Okita but without the swords, then I considered throwing together a closet cosplay Pokémon gijinka or just doing an OC. But the more I thought the less I really felt like doing any of these; my ideas just kept changing and it was getting really frustrating because the con was already so close and I still had no idea whatsoever lol. But then on yesterday, while talking with Sacchan (former Sairu-chan, in case you had missed it) at Jäätynyt Enkeli's place, we first threw it as a joke  – "Hey, how about we do some good ol' Bleach cosplays? :D"
At first it was a joke but then we started seriously considering it, especially me and Sacchan. I mean, we hadn't cosplayed from Bleach in some time and, while neither of us has been active in the fandom for long, we still have some fond memories of the series haha. Today I then checked if I could even find all the pieces for the darn cosplay and yes, I did! I informed Sacchan that it's time to get things bleached and the reply was a glorious "5/5 tissimummu ilmoittautuu! XDDDD".

So yeah, I'll bring out an old cosplay of mine (one of my five first cosplays, zomg!) that hasn't seen the light of day since whoppin' 2011!! :O Yeah I even had to check that up.

Are you prepared for thiiiiiiiis??
Series: Bleach
Character: Jushiro Ukitake
Yep, it's good ol' captain Ukitake!
This is the sleepwear/casual wear/I'm-being-sick-in-bed/whatnot outfit that he's seen wearing in chapter 116, White Tower Rocks, in the manga. I don't know if it has an official name but oh well. xD
This is the cosplay I will wear on Saturday.

On Friday I won't be cosplaying – I'll just dress up a bit geekier and cooler than usual! I can't really be bothered to think out a second suitable cosplay (because it was so hard to even come up with the first one... OTL) that I could wear while working because yes, I will work on both days. Also, seeing how it might be stressful when we arrive to Nerdcon, it's just gonna be so much easier to not cosplay on the first day.

That's all for now and bye bye!

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