August 4, 2015

Lens review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink

Hello everyone!

The Närcon dust has settled and it's time for me to get back on track with posting lens reviews I'm behind schedule on these and other posts! ^o^ Today I have a lens review up in store for you guys and yes, it's a pair of pink lenses – it's the Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink!
The thing is that this review will be a bit different from the rest – I namely only have one single lens, not a pair. The reason for this is because originally Jäätynyt Enkeli placed an order on PinkyParadise, while there was a free sample lens promotion running, and so he got sent this lens as a random freebie. He didn't have use for just one lens (and he dislikes overly big circle lenses anyway because they look outright freaky on his eyes!) so he kindly just passed it on to me instead, thanks bro!
I've been trying some looks with eyepatches lately so I thought that this was a great way to get some use out of a single lens; I could just block off the no-lens eye with the eyepatch and it was done!

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Life span: 1 year (I recommend 6 months)

These lenses have a light soft pink shade to them, almost like some sort of dusty pink. It's quite "sophisticated" for an unnatural color as it doesn't jump at you nor is it vibrant enough to look fake. I like that these aren't a super in-your-face type of pink – they work great for everyday fashion looks, despite the big size!
Oh and yeah, these lenses are huge, even though their diameter is only stated as an average 14.5 mm. ;) Even though these lenses are clearly big they also have an especially big pupil hole, which means that a lot of your real eye color will show in the center. This might bother some people but it doesn't bother me, not anymore. Yeah, it was one of these things that I wanted to avoid when I first started with circle lenses but then I grew to actually like the look and well, a big pupil hole guarantees that the lenses won't block your vision in any way.

One lens in. Notice the enlargement!
I'll admit to liking the design of the Princess Pinky's Eclipse series –it's rather simple but it looks great! The pigmentation of the lenses is quite light in shade which makes it so that they are not ultra opaque, which, in turn, makes it so that while you wear the lenses you can clearly see where your natural iris ends and this gives the lenses a constant halo effect! Woah, now that was a long sentence.

The first time I wore these lenses was at an anime convention; I had not had time before the event to try them out and see if they were comfortable enough for a whole con day. I was a bit nervous if the lenses would be okay to wear for 6+ hours because it's kinda common that the bigger the lens the faster it will dry out your eyes. But when I actually put the lenses in (or well.. lens, in my case) they were so goshdarn comfortable that I immediately stopped feeling them in my eyes!
The Eclipse series of lenses are veeery thin (to the point of being a tad bit hard to insert because it folds easily and the lens "weighs down"/flops on your finger instead of staying up by itself) and I think this is a part for why they were, for me, so very comfy to wear. I wore them for the whole con day and I never, at any point, felt that I even had them on – that's how comfortable they were! No discomfort, no stinging, no itching, no redness, nothing. I maybe once or twice had a very short-lived case of blurry vision but that didn't last more than maybe 20 seconds at most. I seriously love these in terms of comfort – 10/10 and a parrot stamp! :D

All photos taken by me during a late summer afternoon! Theres's no color edits or such and this is to show how the lenses truly look. ;) 

Indoors facing the window in my apartment. (window is always sun side)
Flash photo indoors. Sorry about my soulless gaze. XD
White-ish corridor light.
Shitty yellow light in the staircase.
Outdoors facing the sun directly.
Outdoors under a roof, but still turned towards the sun.
Outdoors with back against the sun.
I would definitely recommend the Princess Pinky Eclipse line of lenses for anyone who wants to try them out! The lenses are huge with a halo effect, superb comfort and a light pretty color!

And here's the usual from-a-distance selfie!

Lastly I have a bonus comparison picture that I took because I still had my Dolly Eye Pink lenses lying around! I had actually saved them just for this, even though I normally would have thrown them away by now.

Princess Pinky Eclipse Pink on (watcher's) left, EOS Dolly Eye Pink on right.
Psst, did you notice that I used plural forms when talking about the lenses lens? That's because even though I only had one lens it felt friggin' weird to use singular forms... and well, in most cases you do always have a pair of lenses so I went "fuck this" and talked as if I would have had a complete pair, huehue.

Short summary:

Color: 7/10
A soft light pink that doesn't scream unnatural. It's definitely nice!

Design: 7/10
A simple lens design with a dotted inner circle and then a solid main color. It works!
Opacity: 6/10
Not very opaque; they do show as pink but you can clearly tell where your real iris ends under the lens – then again, this gives a notable halo effect, which is often desired.
Enlargement: 8/10
These give the illusion of big eyes, definitely.
Comfort: 10/10 
Amazing! I could easily wear them for more than 6 hours no problem! I didn't even feel a need to take them off because I just didn't feel them at any time!

Naturalness: 1/10
You maybe won't scare the neighbouring grandma shitless but these definitely won't pass for your real eyes either.

Thanks for viewing and bye bye ~
Shiro Samurai out.  

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Hasaki Tsuki said...

Wow, thanks for this review! I'm surprised that the Eclipse Pink look so... I wouldn't say natural, but I thought they would look freakier because of their size. I'm happy to read that they are so comfortable for you; comfy lenses are always a pleasure. :)
I really really like your look on the selfie, it's so cool and it looks mystical. One of my favorites so far! <3
The soulless gaze looks pretty awesome to me, because the pupil almost fills up the lens hole. But I assume the flash blinded you bad. ^^;