January 27, 2014

Fabric found for future dream cosplays

Sometime last week I went to Eurokangas to check for fabric and well, I didn't find what I was originally looking for but I found something else equally interesting.. namely this:

Reddish brown fake leather (sorry not the best lighting)
Actually I had seen this one a pretty long time ago but never really thought twice about it until now.. because I happened to realize the color is just about perfect for two of my future cosplays.
So, obviously the coming days -since my brain registered this fabric's potential- I kept thinking that the next time I go to Rajalla I should swing in at Eurokangas and buy a piece of it. Today I then went there and bought it! 1 meter cost me almost 10 € but oh well, it's worth it.

- What future cosplays you say? 
- Well, this fabric I would use for western!Okita's gloves as well as the gloves (again) and the feet protectors/shoes/whatever of this one calendar/Musouroku version of, well, Okita again, from Hakuouki. Because I love him to pieces. ;A; /allmyfeels

Western clothes version Okita, aka season 2/Hekketsuroku
(Japanese clothes/season 1 version in the background)
Calendar/Musouroku version (can't see the feet thingies on this pic though)
Well there ya go! Yes, I'm gonna do both of these and more versions *cough* because I'm gonna die if I don't. Period. But don't get your hopes up just yet because I won't do these this year, if even the next. Sorry. :'( I'm gonna work slowly because I want to do these cosplays as good as I possibly can and the reason is that, hands down, Okita is my number one favorite character, ever. <3
So yeah, now you know two of my many dream cosplays that I will end up doing before too long.. heheh... oops...


  1. Okita-san <3 Tätä cossia odotellessa (ja hartaasti)! ;A;

  2. Take you time on them it will be so awesome too see them, when you get to do them =D

  3. yhh, iteki etin ton väristä nahkaa, täällä vaan ei ollu, piti tyytyä mustaan >:

    en hahmoa tunne, mutta toi eka näyttää tosi suloselta~

  4. Uuuuh okita ~ *u*
    Toivon että saisin joskus itsekkin aloitettua Kazaman...mut se on aina vähän jäännyt heh.


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