November 12, 2013

Chibicon 2013 - The circle closes with a dog

So came and went Chibicon (9th November) and thus my cosplay year has closed its circle. *crycorner* No conventions for a while bros, next one should be Kitacon in Kemi sometime on February. Oh well, but before I go live under a rock for a few months I still have the Chibicon summary to share. Take your seats because here it comes, freshly served!

Okay, where to start? Well, on Friday before the con I suppose. See, me, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli ended up sleeping over at Sairu-chan's place. This meant that we packed our luggages on Friday and started walking to Tornio bus station. We had figured it would be some sort of hell because it wasn't close but luck was on our side and when we walked by Haparanda bus station I spotted a Veljekset Salmela bus turning towards the station. I waited and checked for if it stopped at the station and low and behold it did! It's sort of rare that Finnish buses stop there from what I've seen. With the bus standing there with an Oulu sign I ended up being the one running to it and almost dying and asking if it would pass by Kemi bus station. It was green light and so I went to get the two others and we ran back to the bus, took a seat and lagged until we arrived in Kemi. At Kemi we jumped off the bus and I called Sairu-chan and asked where she was because she had told me earlier she'd be in Kemi. Ended up realizing she was only a few steps away from us. xD
Oh well, we then waited for her mom to come pick us up and soon enough we were at Sairu-chan's place and well, there was a caravan (English why? Se on vittu asuntoauto. Tai husvagn ruotsiksi perkele! ;_;) and our mission was totally to live in it. Yeah, we slept in a caravan, a house on wheels. It was rather cool if I do say so myself.

Well well, after a not so well-slept night in the caravan we woke up shitearly to put on our cosplays. Everyone else except Jäätynyt Enkeli moved from the caravan to the house to put on their costumes because yeah, space and the fact that there's no bathroom in the caravan. When I was done putting on my cosplay I went to have breakfast and yeah, Ibuki was being a dog's friend because he's quite the dog himself because Piki (Sairu-chan's black cute sausage doggy) came and stared at my minisize pizza pastry thing while I was eating and well, I just can't say no to those puppy eyes so I gave him the last bit of it. ;^; I want a dog..
It took us forever but when we all were ready Sairu-chan's grandma drove us to Oulu. When we reached the con building all geeks exited the car and started walking towards Chibicon. I and Hasakitsuki already had con tickets because I had bought them from a guy who was selling his and his friends tickets because they couldn't go. I figured why not buy the tickets from him because I got them slightly cheaper and he didn't have to waste his money - it's a win-win if you ask me!

Chibicon light gray paper ticket in all its glory..
Pretty much the first thing we did at the con place was checking out the merchandise sellers and then head out for a sort of quick photoshoot before it got too dark. Approaching kaamos (aka polar night) we all in the north love you so... not. We ended up mostly taking solo pictures of me and of Sairu-chan and that's a bit sad because it means we don't have any pictures of our little Hakuouki cosplay group together. :< Then again it wasn't the warmest and we ended up going back inside rather quickly to warm up.

Cosplayer: Valkoinen Samurai (Ryunosuke Ibuki)
Photographer: Sairu-chan

"It better not be Serizawa that I'm hearing.."
At some point Jäätynyt Enkeli returned and the camera switched hands. In other words these photos are taken by him.

Sairu-chan as Kosuzu

Hasakitsuki as Chizuru
We had a huge lack of duo photos but I guess we can fix that with a later photoshoot at home.
Well well, with the photoshoot behind us we just went inside and lagged and talked with familiar faces and had fun. I met Darkside of your dreams and Cissydella to name a few.

Chilling. Jäätynyt Enkeli is cosplaying Ishida from Bleach.
Actually everyone had gotten hungry after the photoshoot so we headed for the cafeteria that was at the con. As normally I would assume everything would be shit expensive in there but there was this one megasize pink pastry with jam that only cost 2 €. That's cheap if you consider its size aaw yeah! So yeah, we all totally bought one of these each and a random drink to go with it - in my case, a muthafnuckin' coke because coke is the best. <3

Ibuki feat. coke
(flash photo)
We actually didn't do all that much more that would be interesting to write about. It's a one-day con so before you know it it's over anyway haha. Mostly we just chilled and walked around oh the joys of walking with waraji, my feet were screaming Halleluja of pain at the end of the day. At some point towards the end of the con me and Hasakitsuki struck up a monster hunting corner and gamed a little - Monster Hunter, of course.

PSP gaming happens
When the con ended Sairu-chan's grandma appeared again and we got a ride back to her place again. We ended up sleeping in the caravan another night because my mom couldn't come pick us up on Saturday. Actually it was easier to sleep the second night in the caravan.. except that Sairu-chan had a nightmare that night and because she was in the middle -and I was to her right side- she kicked me in the back while sleeping and at some point tried to roll over me. It was beautiful. It didn't hurt but it turned into a really entertaining conversation on the morning while we had our breakfast. xD

But before I let you all go I'll just leave these here. Eeyup, bonus pictures!

Ibukin selitystuokio :'D (Ibuki explaining)
Over and out!


  1. I like the photos and the munkki <3

  2. Love these pictures <3

    Piki tarvitsee koira-kamuja <3 xD

  3. Oli kiva nähdä, vaikka ei jutella ehtinytkään juuri. Totesin että sovit Ibukiksi tuhat kertaa paremmin kuin minä, upeita kuvia! c:


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