May 14, 2013

Cutting le rasetsu!Hijikata wig

Today I decided to cut my rasetsu!Hijikata wig. For some reason I can't find any really good clean references that shows his hair but this one is kinda okay:

This is what the wig looked like before I attacked it with the scissors:

The bangs are fine as they are (maybe a bit on the short side but still okay) but the back and sides are too long. I went ahead and trimmed and layered the sides and back. I've only done small styling modifications on wigs earlier (just slightly trimming bangs for example) so this was quite the leap for me. I was actually rather nervous although it probably didn't show on my moves; I kept my head cool and just thought that if I would butcher it at least I have enough time to get a new one. But my wallet wouldn't be happy about spending extra money...

Oh well, about 1 hour later I had this in front of me:

I'm pretty satisfied.. although I could have done some things a bit better, more carefully. *coughlayeringcough* The sides aren't identical when examined closer but good enough anyway.. or so I think at least, considering so far this is the most I've ever cut a wig. lol xD No one is a pro at start.. small steps I take, small steps, always a little bit more challenging ~


Psycho Cat said...

Well it is better to take small steps then do big mistake. Also it looks good. =D

Thaki said...

Hyvältä tuo näyttää! (:
Cosplay on kyllä siitä niin jännää, että välissä pitää hallita ammattilais parturinkin taidot. Mutta! Pienillä askeleilla eteenpäin, niin mikään ei ole mahdotonta! >83

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yep, ja myös ompelijan taidot, ammattilais meikkaajaan/maskeerajan taidot, esiintyjän, puusepän jne ... kaikkee mahdollisia taitoja mixataan cosplayhin, tä on kyllä niin multi-mix hobby että ei sit mitään! :D Ja ihmiset väittää että cosplay on "hölmöjen ja lasten puuhaa" ja siitä ei sillee oo oikeessa elämässä muka hyötyä.. ja pöh sanon minä! >8D This hobby is so diverse and awesome!

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Can't agree more!
Thanks! :D

Arawn Elidd said...

It looks great! =D Glad to see you're getting some more wig cutting/styling experience here. Keep it up as needed along your cosplay journey and you will be an expert in no time!