May 16, 2013

Asanoha kimono for Souji Okita ahkjfsk;agsj

There was a package in the mailbox today at my new apartment and well, the mere fact I already had received something I had ordered since moving to my new apartment surprised me. The surprise was even greater when I noticed it was from Japan, which meant it could only be one thing, namely that über awesome I-will-cry-forever-tears-of-blood-if-I-don't-win-this men's yukata kimono I was staying up half the night for in pretty horrid pain just to win... and I did. Today it then arrived, barely 9 days after shipment from Japan - friggin' 9 days, so fast!!

The yukata in question ~
(seller's photo from eBay)
The reason why this was such a must-have was because I friggin' love asanoha (hemp leaf pattern) and have been searching for any men's kimono items with it for the longest time, especially with the pattern repeating all over and not just parts of it randomly placed on the garment. One of the reasons I really wanted a kimono with it was because Souji Okita in Hakuouki has an asanoha patterned kimono and seeing how he is pretty much my favorite character ever, well...  hehehe ~ *smirk*

Souji Okita (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
Oh well, I almost gave up some time ago and my mind had already crossed the line of "let's face it, men's kimono hardly exists with all-over-repeat asanoha pattern. I will have to either buy a women's kimono that is close enough and convert it into men's or make my own kimono and paint it.. which will take forever to say the least". With that said you can guess my almost inhuman reaction of joy overkill when I randomly found this yukata listed on eBay when I was originally searching for something else. Oh my God, seriously. <3 I swear I was smiling so much when I won it that night that I would have been surprised if my face didn't have permanent ridiculous smile lines when I woke up the day after. xD Oops.. erm, sorry about the rambling, I'm just way too excited about this thing!

Oh well, so of course -as the derp I am- I just had to put it on and try to take a few photos despite having my camera charger/USB cable missing in the bathroom. Because I'm impatient and couldn't wait for tomorrow to get the camera cable I had to use my ~ultra gay~ cellphone's camera instead. Don't ask why it's pink, dad bought it and pink was the only color left at that store and, eh, that's why it is ~ultra gay~ [insert sparkles here] hahaha.. ha... ._. Oh well, it's still a pretty good cellphone, I just really don't care for pink.. Well well, because the photo is taken with my cellphone the quality is not the best, sorry about that.. but I guess even a not-so-good-quality photo is better than nothing, neh?

le quick Okita test ~
(sorry mirror photo)
Actually this yukata isn't black but this ultra-mega-dark-blue that looks pretty dang black if I do say so myself. It's still good enough color-wise and pretty much as perfect as I could hope for (read: I can bet half my ass on that I won't find any men's kimono more close enough to Okita's than this one during my lifetime..) and I will so use it for my future Souji cosplay huehuehue~ *rubs hands together excitedly* I will cosplay him someday, a few years from now likely, and I'm slowly gathering stuff and planning how to make it as awesome as possible ~

Oh, did I mention it is just the right size for me and has an awesome wingspan (it must have a good wingspan to work properly for Okita..) as well! herpderp durr happiness hurr ahjfskgja;dskj <3

I'm so happy I totally feel like doing this:

And now I will take my leave before this whole blog post turns into "shkjfdsgkj;dsk asanoha kimono <3" so bye bye!


Ri-chan said...

That kimono/yukata looks damn close to perfect. I can just imagine that "OMG I GOT IT"-feeling.

And hey, when you do Okita, give me a shout if you need a Saitou.

Also lol at the gay phone. Maybe you can try and find some kind of covers for it.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

I know right!

Yes of course, I will always need a Saitou (read: you) around! <3

I've checked but there doesn't seem to be that many phone skins/covers/cases/whatever for this type of Nokia that I have.. :'(

Ri-chan said...


Hmph, that sucks then.

Sairu Chan said...

Okita-san <3 I got to say that kimono looks just great <3 I want to see you cosplaying Okita so bad! ;_; Möyh~

Arawn Elidd said...

OMG it's so perfect for Okita! <3 Major kudos on the great find. :D Your perseverance to keep looking + staying up half the night to win it really paid off!

Sorry on the pink phone, dude. If there aren't any covers for it, perhaps you could make your own. ^^

a;slfjda;slj The suspense and all these photos is killing me to see you cosplay Okita sooner rather than later ~ ;n;

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thanks! <3
I want to cosplay him so bad too but it will have to wait for a while. ;-;

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Hrghg I know right! <3 I stayed up until around 4 in the night to win it and I had the worst headache of my life at that same time. :'D It was pure torture but so worth it ~

Hmm, yeah.. except I have no idea how to. xD

Sorry dude but I rather wait with doing him because I want it to be ~awesome~ <3

Arawn Elidd said...

Dang, that's hard core! You definitely deserved to win it. =)

Felt-backed vinyl works great. I once sewed a cover for my iPod Nano and it held up for the entire 3-year lifespan of the device ~

By all means, do take your time then! <3