March 20, 2012

Hajime Saitou derp.. err, I mean update

 Eh, sorry about that. Great way to start a blog post neh?

Well, anyway... home again from school early and a ridiculous desire to try on my vintage kimonos that I ordered from eBay some time ago. What I do? Put them on.
It seems they both would work for my Saitou cosplay, but I think I'll go with the tsumugi black one. I don't have the wig yet (like you noticed...) and I still have the shinsengumi haori left to make.. but I tried what I had on anyway, just to get an idea of how it will look when finished and if there is anything I need to fix. 

Oh god ain't I pretty? lolnope.
Eww mirror shots. Do not like. But there aren't other options to take full-body pics when home alone...
Yes, I censored my head with a meme face because it was derpin' herpin'.
Ignore the weird pose and the walrus that is me. I put everything on very quickly and so it looks like crap. :'D Oh, and yes, if anyone noticed I didn't take off the basting threads.. too lazy.
I noticed I will probably need to get myself a new white juban for this because the sleeves are too big on my current one and they bunch up and won't behave and just generally looked fugly. Oh, and the black kimono's sleeves are kinda short on me and they look extra short on this shot because I'm holding my hands awkwardly, but it's hard to find a perfect match vintage kimono... *shrugs* And there's no kitsuke police at conventions anyway.
I'm surprised my random long cotton sash thingy held up both my (metallic) swords... but I guess it will loosen when I walk around a whole day at the con and well, I won't use these swords for the cosplay anyway. And if anyone have missed it Saitou is one of my coming Närcon cosplays for this year.

Nothing more to say, see ya.


Jäärä said...

Oh MY its looks so goood!!!!!! I wanna see the finished one so badly!!!

Anonymous said...

That... that looks so amaaazzzzinnngg!!

I'm jealous D; I've been searching EVERYWHERE to find a kimono like that without the crests, sooo haaarddd x__x Where ever did you get yours from?! O:

Anonymous said...

^by that, I mean by who xD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

It's a vintage kimono I found on eBay. =) I know mens black kimonos are really hard to find without the crests because black is a formal color, as far as I'm aware at least. Kimono for men are most often just blue, gray or brown..

I'm sorry if that's not really helpful but just try to search around and eventually you'll find one!