March 16, 2012

Early cosplay WIP is early...

Eh, I stayed home from school today because I've been feeling really down lately. I had the house for myself most of the morning because mom is working like usual and stepdad has morning shift so he probably won't be back until lunch time at the earliest. I wanted to test my new navy blue kimono that I received a few days ago and hell, it's close enough for a Masamune Date cosplay from Brave 10 and besides that guy is cool and I want to cosplay him anyway. I already had the wig so I took a few quick WIP photos just because I didn't have anything better to do.. and cosplay cheers me up. There is lots of stuff still left to do like his belts, eyepatch, pants, that weird hooded cape thingy and whatnot, but it wasn't too bad I guess...and the funny thing? This cosplay isn't even part of my summer cosplay plans! The heck man, the heck. -.- I can't start working on Date until earliest at the end of this year and maaaaybe finish him for a con 2013. Needless to say early WIP photo is early.

Oh, and yes, it was blowing like hell outside. Actually, it's been blowing like hell the last three days or so I think.  I keep hearing the wind pretty much all the time even though I'm inside...


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