December 10, 2011

Sealed state Sogyo no Kotowari sword finished!


Wohooo, I finished it today! Ukitake's Sogyo no Kotowari sword in its usual sealed state. :)
The sword is a modified bokken/bokuto.

Here's the only in progress photo I have:

I did the tsukamaki (read: handle wrapping) some hours ago and recently I went and took some photos. Gosh how bad lighting we have in our house... the only place decent enough for photos is the shower/sauna room, lol.

Whole finished sword
Tsuka close-up
I'm happy with it for now. Might eventually want to add a sheath.. we'll see. Also the tsuba feels a tiny tiny bit too big so I'll maybe remake it one day, but for now it'll suffice.


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