December 1, 2011

I have arrived...

Oooookay, so where do I start? :-D

 I guess this is my... third blog? Oops. Oh well, I will strive to not let this one die out haha. xD
I will report my cosplay happenings here - what anime cons I'll be attending and summaries of those, cosplay progress, dream cosplays, photoshoots etc. Basically anything that is somehow related to the wonderful world of cosplay, wohoo!

Oh, and yes, this time I will be writing in English as you can see lol instead of Swedish or Finnish, which are my main languages. I decided to do it this way because English is a global language (basically, all over the place) and thus more people can actually read all the crap that I will write here.. if someone will do that, haha. :'D So yeah, reservation for eventual bad English but hey, I do hope you will enjoy the ride with me and this new blog!

See you all around! <3

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