December 31, 2022

Year of Cosplay 2022

 Hello everyone!

Another year is drawing to a close and I just sit here and wonder where it went, you know? We're still not free from covid and it sucks, but what sucks even more is the current global situation in many ways. It's no wonder my mental health has been a rollercoaster of mostly lows and I haven't had a lot of inspiration nor energy to cosplay or blog much, as can be seen from how this year has been the quietest to date. But of course this year is not all shit as some great things have happened too!

But anyways, as is tradition I have to continue this end-of-year post although it has felt mostly pointless as of late as I haven't been active in the cosplay scene. I do still want to get back on track at some point but I literally don't have the time, money nor energy for it right now and with the strained economical situation it's even worse. But alas, I managed to land at least one con trip under my belt.

Cons attended in 2021:

Kummacon - Oulu, Finland
And as I didn't attend any other cons this year I can just say that Kummacon was the best con for the year lol. It was a chaotic trip but it all ended well and I had a great time. I had plans to attend Matsucon as well but perhaps it was a bit too soon after Kummacon and I was too drained to really feel up to it, especially with all the Christmas stress and newly started job etc.


Okay so yeah, still no cosplay compilation photo (for obvious reasons) so have a meme instead hehe. I've been really into Genshin Impact lately and it's dominating my current cosplay urges; I'm trying not to give in too much to it yet as I have a lot of unfinished cosplay projects lying around because yeah, I have a bad habit of starting to make something new in a sudden bout of inspiration and then I temporarily lose interest in favor of the next shiny thing (which I of course start making too) and well, in the end I have years worth of unfinished projects haunting me. Skeletons in my cosplay closet waiting for me to return to them, oof.
Who still remembers Masamune Date from Sengoku Basara? This cosplay has become an inside joke among my group of friends, my "eternity project" so to say. But guess what?! I still plan to finish this costume, I haven't actually dropped him. One day Masamune, one day... 


Anyways, I don't have a lot more to say about this year. It's been bad in many aspects but I've had quite a lot of self-reflection too, finding new sides of myself and mapping out the direction of my life. I'm still nowhere where I want to be but at least now I have some things to look forward to that will help me feel better. Some of it does impact my cosplaying hobby as well so I might get more inspired at some point when things get better, but for now cosplay is a bit on the backburner.

As for the blog.. next year will still feature more circle lens reviews (I'm seeing the end of my massive backlog, woop!) and perhaps a con summary or two. I might try to do some cosplay progress as well but we'll see about that. Regardless, point is that this blog isn't dying anytime soon although the activity has been less than ideal lately. So I hope you stick around with me and my ramblings!

Bye bye & Happy New Year 2023!

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