February 7, 2016

Battousai Kenshin – Pimpin' up the wig!

Hello peeps!

I was bored this evening/night so I just sat for a while and thought about the upcoming Närcon Vinter and my cosplays and then it hit me – now that I'll bring Kenshin out again then why don't I update him a little and give the wig a new look?
I scrolled through some old photos of my Battousai Kenshin cosplay (for reference) and it hit me that the wig looked a bit too... I don't know... "untouched", for my current taste. :/ Too straight, lol. Besides, I wanted to mess around with a wig anyway because I was soooo bored.

This is just the base wig.
Ponytail is not shown because I didn't do anything to it.
I didn't do all that much to the wig, just spiked the front and sides all over for a more unkempt anime look. :) I didn't cut it because that was already done; this was one of my early wig cutting projects back in the days, haha.

I don't know why I'm so excited to do Kenshin again, even though it's a cosplay that stems back from 2013. Well, save for nostalgy and love of the series, that is. ^^" I guess I just really like how I look as him; it's one of those few characters that I currently feel like I actually fit – you know, that feeling when you put the cosplay on and look yourself in the mirror and actually somewhat see the (likeness to the) character? Kenshin is also one of the few of my cosplays that doesn't make me horribly self-conscious either, for the same reasons as above + that I've noticed that I do muuuuch easier get successful photos taken of me when I do him, even random con photos by others!? I hate bad photos of me so much, sob sob.
I guess it's just a relief to feel like you actually can pull off some characters with whatever physical traits you were born with. I know that it shouldn't really matter and all but yeah, on some days (especially when I feel bad about myself) it's still a really big "feel good" thing for me –can't deny– and it makes me happy because most of the time I don't like how I look in a cosplay, actually...

Looking forward to Närcon Vinter! Thanks for reading my cosplay ramblings!

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