May 6, 2015

Summer/Autumn convention plans 2015!


The summer con season is about to start and I thought that I'd make a quick list of where I am likely to be seen this summer. Let's go!

First off I want to give a heads up in case you aren't following me over at Facebook (do iiit~), where I already made it clear that I AM NOT ATTENDING DESUCON THIS YEAR. I'm sorry for all those who wanted/expected to see me there but I have my reasons not to go. :( One of the most obvious ones is that the tickets sold out lightning fast (I heard within 6 minutes??) and I completely missed it, boo. And then there's the rest...

Okay so, no Desucon. Where am I going then? (or at least trying to go)

SKECON 3-5th July  

NÄRCON 23-56th July

NERDCON 14-15th August

TRACON 5-6th September

That's about it for the main ones; Närcon is not yet set in stone (I'm still considering it) but the others I'm 95% sure to attend, except for Tracon which is also on the still-considering list, although slightly more likely than Närcon. Because Närcon is butt expensive for me in terms of travel costs.

The Finnish Kitacon is not on the list because it's seemingly still unsure if the whole event will even be held this year – if anything it's gonna be during autumn (instead of the usual winter/spring) but as far as I know it's still rather uncertain and no dates have been announced. But if Kitacon will be held then I'm likely to go there.

I'm reserving myself for any changes to the plans. I don't guarantee that I will end up in all of these but that's the plan (you never know if anything happens that makes it so that you suddenly can't go etc). I also might have missed to mention other events for various reasons...

That's all for this time!
What conventions will you attend? Tell me in the comments! ~

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Sarah Rizaga said...

I haven't been to any conventions! Goodluck to you, you got a pretty packed schedule :)
Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and let me know in the comment so that i can follow you back instantly :)

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