November 23, 2014


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the longer than intended silence (I didn't mean to semi-die :<) but I've honestly had no occasion to write anything on this blog and no notable cosplay progress either. :'( I have worked on some cosplays but it would be kinda pointless to post about them just yet. Real life has been all kinds of horribly busy and I've been running from Place A to Place B like a headless chicken. I'm quite stressed for the moment but hey, at least future has started to look like something now that things are starting to work out! Oh, and I totally went on a cruise too which means that if you want to know about my hilarious Silja Line journey feat. geeky company and silly faces then check it out here!

But now let's move on to what I actually wanted to say a few words about namely Yukicon. Most people probably know by now that Yukicon is a new Finnish anime convention that's held on the winter and in this case on 10-11 January 2015, aka the con that starts the next con year. Yuki? Snow? Noo there's no connection.
So, seemingly the con tickets were released on 20th November online and seeing how I was stuck in Helsinki with a cruising ship trip freshly behind me I had, obviously, completely forgotten about the whole ticket release. :'DD Oopsie, way to go! So well, earlier I happened to see that I had gotten a message from a con friend who asked me if I had managed to get a Yukicon ticket. She then also mentioned that the tickets had sold out in like 5 minutes.
*plays tape backwards*

Okay, okay, I have no idea how true this is.
If that's the case then the earlier secret plans I had to attend Yukicon which were pretty strong at some point just got scrapped and thrown into the bin. No way I'd get a ticket now and even if I do I can't economically afford it anyway, unless magic happens. :C Earlier I really wanted to go to Yukicon because I haven't been to it before (then again first Yukicon was 2014) and also to lessen the winter con drought I even had cosplay plans ready! But oh well, now that tickets are unavailable I don't even have to think about it if I'm going or not, so I'll be saving my money instead. Buah.

So yeah, tl;dr Don't expect to see me at Yukicon. :(

Shiro Samurai out!