July 2, 2013

BRS Souji Okita preview

Today a few hours ago I decided to do a quick BRS (no, it's still not Black Rock Shooter..) Okita preview because I was.. bored. I didn't bother with any make-up because I'm pretty laggy right now and stuff. Oh, and before I start there's one thing I noticed - inconsistent references!! It doesn't help that there are very few references of Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi characters available online in general but that they have to be inconsistent too.. aghjdgjs.

Haori himo.. (aka white ties that crosses at his chest)
No haori himo D<
So what do?
I dunno, I tried both variations but I'm not sure which I like more. I might be leaning towards doing the no haori himo version at Skecon because they kept moving around in derpy ways (off-center and such) and looking uncool when I had them on.. I don't know... probably because of the armor adding extra bulk..

Oh well, here's two photos. Sorry for the mess in the background, crappy lighting and yeah, mirror. I didn't put on any tabi socks or shoes by the way.. I didn't feel like searching for them..

With haori himo..
.. and without.
I swear my hakama are dark blue btw.. they just look black because of the bad lighting. ;_;
I must say the armor isn't the most comfortable to have on, at least not when sitting down. I really hope my swords won't rub against the armor so much during the con day that the red paint comes off though...

Oh, and one thing. I had problems taking the armor off. I had somehow tied the two knots at the back super tight and my twin had to free me and it took.. forever. It wasn't that far away that I would have had to have it on until Saturday because le twin started to get pissed. :DD Lesson learned: ask someone to tie a ribbon knot in the back, don't try tying it yourself. trololo

Well well, not so much more to say than that SKECON STARTS IN 3 DAYS, JAG ÄR SÅ TAGGAD!!


Jäätynyt Enkeli said...

What a knot b*tch it was, really. Anyway looking good bro and DAT PEPP!

Arawn Elidd said...

I kind of like the haori himo version more, but if only there was a way to secure it somehow... Amen on the ribbon knot!

Fayet said...

Stumbled over your blog by accident and just didn't want to leave without complimenting you on all your cosplay: Aweomse work! I always find it amazing how much work and love people put into their costums and want to tell everyone how cool they look. So: You look very cool! Keep on rocking your awesome kimonos. Greetings from Germany.