November 1, 2014

No more anime conventions for this year!


I've decided for a while ago that I won't attend Chibicon this year. I'm not very keen on traveling to Kuopio for such a small con. If it had been in Oulu like previous years then sure I would have gone, but now... bleh. :( I was also considering ConFusion in Sweden but it would have been too expensive for me right now, can't afford it. So yeah, that means I won't be seen in any more anime conventions until next year rolls in. Man, that feels so weird to realize...

That's totally me trying to get my brain to process the
"no more cons for this year" thought.
But fear not this blog sure as hell won't activate hibernation mode just because there's no events coming up! I've actually already started working on a new cosplay and I have some other ones planned for next year! 8D A progress post should show up hopefully soon, hang on!


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