May 1, 2014

It's the train to Cosvision, after all

 Hi! Just a quick update!

Late yesterday I noticed that I had received a bad news message from the carpooler regarding Cosvision. Seemingly some sudden stuff happened, which made it so that she can't go to Cosvision at all, which also means that I'm without a carpool again. Shit happens but I decided that since I already bought the con tickets with Hasakitsuki –and we both really want to go anyway– so we will just take the train. Sure thing that because Cosvision is very soon it also means that buying advance tickets from VR won't be all that cheap anymore. :( I checked; if we buy advance tickets now it would be 140 € for Turku and back for one person – that's the same what it cost us both in total to get to Desucon in Lahti and back! Outch!
Oh well, it could still be worse and at least we have a free sleeping accommodation over at Ri-kun's place, whoope! So yeah, I'll just bite my lip and go ahead and order the train tickets now, even though it's gonna crack my wallet open and bleeding...

*orders train tickets*

BOOM, done!
Now nothing can stop us bwoahaha, I'm coming for ya Cosvision!

Yeaaah. See you guys there!


  1. Wohoo! Yritetään nähdä Cosvisionissa! :D

  2. I think it would be wiser to buy the train tickets in advance in the future just in case if the said carpool peeps can´t go to the con for whatever reason, just to be on the safe side, you know.

    Oh well, enjoy the con and make sure to take some con pictures! I´d love to see what kind of con it is ~

    1. Uhm, you know that if you buy advance tickets you can't cancel or change them so that, eh, if you would look for a carpool after buying the tickets you would basically waste the money you paid for the train, if you actually get a carpool that is. So of course before when I was looking for a carpool I hadn't ordered train tickets. The reason you look for carpools is because it's cheaper.

      Of course! I'll write a con summary as I usually do.


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