April 8, 2014

Cosvision or no Cosvision?

Hello gais and gals!

Let's cut right to the chase:
I have a problem. I've had one for quite a while, actually. 

The thing is, I really want to attend Cosvision (10-11 May in Turku, Finland) because it seems new and fresh and come on, it's a con dedicated for cosplay! I haven't bought the tickets yet because of a huge insecurity about one particular matter revealed SOOOOOOON but I would pretty likely have a sleeping accommodation in order if I could go to the con. The thing is that I really need a carpool. I've been checking if there would be a train ticket sale that would go the right route on the right dates but so far no luck. I'm constantly checking my inbox for sale emails from VR (Finnish train company) but I'm slowly starting to run out of time because there's only one month left to the con! D: I really can't afford paying normal prices for train tickets because my economy is pretty damn bad right now and I just can't throw 180+ € into traveling alone, which is insane.
This is why I'm searching for a con carpool that would have space for 2 more peeps aka me and Hasakitsuki and who would start from anywhere around Tornio-Kemi area, preferably, or Oulu, which is farther away from where we live but still possible. Of course we would pay back parts of the gasoline costs.

I'm just hoping someone would help us out; it would be greatly appreciated. It could likely mean the difference between Cosvision and no Cosvision for us. If it's you who heeds the call for help just leave a comment on this post or send me an email, thanks!

In case there's no carpool available I'll just pray that a train ticket sale would show up and if not, well, then it's no Cosvision for us. That's how it is.

Thanks for reading. 

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