July 4, 2013


HRGHDGDHJS today I finally bought my first SLR camera and ahdfsdsgf I'm so excited! Finally I have my own awesome camera and I will totally use it for all coming cosplay photoshoots!

My preciousssssssssssssss ~
It was expensive and my wallet cried a river of blood (I also bought a 16 GB memory card that had a salty price too.. but at least I won't need to empty the camera often. lol) but  

I swear that ever since I took that photography course in school and got to borrow school's SLR camera (and learned how to use it) I've been all "ajdsjksghj must get myself one too!" and now I have one!! <3

Not so much more to say than asfdafsdf and this camera is so going to follow me to all future cons and some other places too! This also means I'll gladly photoshoot my friends cosplays at cons, just take contact with me. ;)


Psycho Cat said...

Same model as mine, and you can film stuff with it too XD

Arawn Elidd said...

OMG I am sooo jelly/yet happy for you, dude! Definitely a fantastic investment ~ =D

DcastEye said...

Ones you get a SLR camera you will never turn back. It's so fun to use and everything looks great. I use my all the time for progress and detail photos. :)