July 23, 2013

Dem hhhhhanskat and gift + Närcon coming up

Today or maybe yesterday, I don't check my mailbox every day I got a mail that I had almost forgotten about and so it was a pleasant surprise.
Some time ago I had asked around online where to buy some plain black gloves that I could use for my Masamune cosplay (and another character in case I for some reason can't paint on these) because my own searches resulted in nothing; I checked eBay, random Finnish and Swedish sites but good lord how hard is it to find basic plain black (preferably natural fiber) gloves? Seemingly shithard, especially if I want cheap ones. But at some point my saving angel appeared and that was Kandi & Cyber. They happened to have a pair of worn-but-still-in-decent-enough-condition gloves that seemed pretty much perfect and so they said they could give them to me, yatta!
Yeah, so that's what was in the mail, along with a cute little handmade card and a surprise gift!

Gloves that will get a new life ~
Oh oh, and the gift that was a pretty damn awesome necklace!
I'm so going to wear this!

In case you can't tell it's a katana with a skull and a key hanging from it, it's so boss and totally my style!
If Kandi & Cyber read this, thank you! You have my gratitude.

*looks at clock*

And now I need to really start packing my stuff for Närcon because I will be leaving on Wednesday around 16:00 with Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan for 4 days of awesomeness in Linköping! Bye bye for now and PEPPA NÄRCON!

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  1. Nice gloves! And that is one sick, kick-ass necklace! >:D


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