June 11, 2013

Desucon carpool secured!

So it seems set now that I will have a car pool for Desucon and I'm very happy! I will leave home already on Thursday evening and take the train to Oulu, I will sleep over at my awesome aunt's place and then on Friday morning the car poolers will pick me up from Oulu's train station. I don't know the people I will have as driving company but seeing how we are all headed for Desucon it can't be really that much else than pretty cool. Maybe as cool as these guys even:

I should be at Lahti around midday or such on Friday and I've talked with the carpool driver if she could drop me off at Sibeliustalo. I will wait for awesome Ri-kun there to pick me up and then we can drive to our hotel and get ready for the con! I must say I'm a bit "meh" about Desucon opening its doors first at 17:00 something though.. I'm used to 3-day Swedish cons (3 days is the usual amount in Sweden, in Finland it seems 2-day cons are the norm) starting around 12:00. Oh well, because Desucon opens late there will be no real hurry when driving from Oulu to Lahti at least.

Not so much more to say for now, I really need to start packing soon and finish Rokuro's damn eye bandage thingy so I can do a preview before leaving. Oh and by the way, I've got my first job! This means I will have some sort of income over the summer (possibly longer, I don't know) which also means I should get some extra money over to help pay for con trips and stuff over the summer. Sweet.


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