May 15, 2013

Rokuro eyewrap try-out

Earlier today I decided to do a very quick eyewrap try-out for Rokuro. 

Rokuro Unno from Brave 10
While I do have several random white long ties/ribbons it seems all of them are either too long or the fabric is too thick or something for this purpose. I really don't want to wind the bandages around my head more times than necessary to secure it because, well, I'm not keen on having extra bulk under the wig and besides it's a pretty damn sure headache inducer sooner or later so.. yeah. It's pretty derp but seemingly the best candidate I had on hand for this quick test was actually, erm, well, my shinsengumi headband. -.- It's made of a pretty sheer, nice and flowy cotton fabric. I do remember where I bought it.. so I think I will go pay that fabric store a visit soon and buy a piece of that fabric so that I can make Rokuro a more proper eyewrap. lol

I will use my Hajime Saitou wig for Rokuro because they are like.. hair twins, or something; similar enough that I don't feel it necessary to buy Rokuro a new wig. Then again the problem with using my Saitou wig is that even if I cosplay Rokuro I just see Saitou -or well, Saitou who damaged his eye or something- looking back at me in the mirror after the wig is on. xD Damnit! But maybe that's partly because I was wearing a black kimono instead of a white one... Well well, enough of talking, here's a photo:

Sait-- Rokuro. :'DD
I must say wrapping that thing around my head was a harder task than I had thought at first. It took a few tries to get it to stay in place and be as flat and even as possible.

Not so much more to say. I'll go buy that same fabric I used for the shinsengumi headband so that I can make a better eyewrap for Rokuro and then I'll post a preview. Until then, cheers!


  1. Siis hyvänen aika kun tuo bandagehelatoosa on mahollisemman hankalasti tolla hahmolla... Taas näitä hetkiä, kun muistaa, että animentekijät ei aattele meitä cossaajia tippaakaan :''D

    1. I know right! :'D Ku se menee tolleen aika pitkälti että se peittää posken myös niin mukavaa saada se silleen "kaartuvan" (enosaselittää.fi) nätisti.. ja ku yrittää viel siihen sen peruukin laittaa kaiken päälle niin ettei ne bandaget näy sieltä alta niin, öh, jooo, yritin ainaki viis kertaa ennen kuin onnistui. :'DD Sit myös että ne bandaget peitti aika hienosti korvan myös niin kuulo oli vähän semi-derp.. saa nähdä kuinka puolikuuro olen sit conissa. xD lololo

    2. Hahah! :''D Joo just tuo et toi tekee jonku himskatin... S-kuvion tossa nenän kohalla! :D Ei saa olla liian paksukerroskaan, että peruukki ei näytä sit tyhmältä siinä päässä XD Mut hyvin oot saanu ton toimimaan *tuuletusta*

  2. Sinusta kyllä tulee hieno Rokuro. :3

  3. Woohoo! Saitou's hair twin Rokuro ~ The only difference is Rokuro's eyewrap + different eye color. lololo~ Looking sexy as always, Sait- err.. Rokuru! XD Clever idea to grab your Shinsengumi headband to stand in for the eyewrap. I never would have guessed that's what you used had you not mentioned it!


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