May 28, 2013

Rokuro eyewrap pt.1 + "New" sewing machine

I went to town today with Jäätynyt Enkeli, my main reason was to find a certain type of photo album for my photography course in school (photography, art and cosplay go hand in hand hehe) but, of course, also to check some second-hand shops just in case there would be anything there that could be used for cosplay.

Okay, so while I didn't find anything I could use for cosplay at the second-hand shops we went to Jäätynyt Enkeli got quite a haul. :D I did find a pretty fabulous dress shirt but because it's not for cosplay I won't post it here, it's still awesome though. Oh well, I at least bought a little fabric for Rokuro's eyewrapping from a fabric store.

When we got back home I decided to check if the sewing machine mom gave when me and le twin moved away from home would do any good.

Say hello to le "new" (aka I have never used it before) sewing machine
Originally mom bought it for her dad (my grandpa) many years ago while he still could live in his own house because he seemingly wanted to repair some clothes or such back then. Now he lives in an older people home stupid Alzheimer ;_; and mom decided me and Jäätynyt Enkeli would have more use of the sewing machine in our new apartment so she gave it to us. I have no idea how old this thing is but it certainly doesn't seem to be all that modern. It's pretty basic, can't do much more than straight stitching and zigzag but hey, you get along with that too if you need to do some smaller sewing. I think I'll use it for doing some simple stuff at the apartment but mostly I will still go to mom's place to sew because of better sewing machines...
   When I took the sewing machine out I started checking how it worked and it seems to be pretty straightforward.. except I have no idea what that number wheel thingy above the needle does and that scrolling thingy on the right of the backing button. Oh well, I noticed the bobbin thread is wider than what I've ever seen before and there was a lot of gray thread on it so I let it be because, hey, nobody sees the color of the zigzag anyway. When I started zigzaging, well, the sewing machine already decided it would become my enemy; needless to say my very first test-run produced some damn "perfect" stitches...

Go home zigzag, you are drunk
I was trying to figure out what was wrong for quite some time because every time when I sewed a short distance the thread roll would suddenly spin ultra fast and then soon after the machine would halt completely, make a sound and not move even if I kept the pedal down. After several rethreadings (I can't find the instruction booklet how to thread this thing so I have to use trial and error method and besides there's no arrows pointing which way to go.. OTL) and checking the bobbin thread it then started to work.. sort of. The machine would still occasionally stop in the middle of everything but it would go on if I just kept the pedal down... *shrugs*

I got the zigzag done but not sure if I want to try straight stitching with this machine before mom takes a look at it... xD And besides I would need another bobbin thread roll for white thread but there's only one...

That's all, bye.

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Psycho Cat said...

Nothing wrong with basic sewing machine really, mine is that and the thinks I tend to use the moste is strait stitching and zigzag stithig and some time the strech stitching thing.

But still it is pain when they don´t work well and you have no clue on who too fix it.