May 25, 2013

A day in Oulu

This post won't be super cosplay related but it's not unrelated either.. so here goes!

Today I went to Oulu's Erämaamessut -which translates to something like "wilderness fair"- together with mom, stepdad and Jäätynyt Enkeli. Erämaamessut is basically a big fair filled with craploads of vendors, food stands and everything you could think you need for fishing, hunting and camping etc - wildlife activities. While I was there I did keep my eyes out for anything that could be useful for cosplay and convention needs.

Me and Jäätynyt Enkeli mostly walked together. The weather was perfect, warm and not a cloud in sight! I swear full-blown summer came here in the last 2 or 3 days.. earlier this week I remember watching the birch trees and there were barely any buds and I wore my winter jacket without sweating my ass off and now it's t-shirt weather, dafuq.. Oh well, being the derps we are we looked around pretty much the whole place and to our surprise we found the small game and lottery part and well.. this unexpected and awesome geeky sight met us:

Super Mario, Pokémon and Angry Birds!
(sorry both photos are taken with my cellphone camera)
 It's one of those claw-grab-prize or whatever they're called machines with plushie prizes. There was Angry Birds plushies, some random white bear plushies and...

I swear I stood there for several minutes watching people try to get a Super Mario character plushie with that seemingly ultra wimpy and useless claw.. and then this random little boy came, played once and on his first try perfectly lifted out a Luigi ~like a boss~ and excitedly said "yay I got that guy!" and then he bolted away holding Luigi high and shouted to his sister something like "look what I got, hahaha how's that for you? >8D". It was hard to not grin like a mofo. xD Uh, by the way, I stood there pending between "should I play or should I not" because, err, I've wanted to try one of these for a long time now lololo. One try was 1 € and when I went to check closer on the plushie tags it said something that it was for amusement parks or whatnot only and not for retail sale, cool. But I didn't end up trying.. partly because I didn't have much coins on me that the machine would accept...

Oh well, that claw machine was by far the geekiest thing that was at the fair but I enjoyed myself a lot being there anyway. It was fun to walk around especially outside (there was shops inside too) and smell the wonderful aromas of crêpe pancakes being made on muurikka pans, me gusta mucho! <3 I must say that while most of the stuff were related to wildlife there was some general fair vendors too like the ones selling those market/metre liquorices, t-shirts and clothes, jewellery and toys for children etc. Actually, there was this one shop selling sunglasses with black rims and either blue or red glasses that looked pretty badass and, I must say, that when I saw them I wondered if I could incorporate them into any Pokémon gijinka cosplay.. *imagines futuristic badass Zekrom design* Didn't buy them though.

Several hours later when we left the fair and started to drive homewards we stopped by at Kärkkäinen store. I saw there these fabulous Gangnam Style children's t-shirts and all I could think was "aghfdgh I'd so buy one of these if they existed in adult sizes! ;_;". Oh well, I have a rather cool young 10-year-old cousin who digs Gangnam Style so mom bought it for him when I enlightened her that Gangnam Style is in fact the "funny horse dance guy song" my cousin danced to at his latest birthday party lol. I'm slowly trying to brainwash said cousin into cosplaying and/or going to an anime event; mom has made him Naruto's season one outfit out of fleece and a Yellow Angry Bird costume-style hoodie, hehehe. Okay, so I didn't get an awesome Gangnam Style shirt but mom bought me an air matress to use as an, err, when you are at an anime convention and sleep budget style in a school/gymnastic hall/whatnot, the cheapo con accomodation, ya know.. *coughlikeididatskeconcough* I will use the air matress together with the Metapod sleeping bag, aka I will have the matress on floor and sleep in the sleeping bag on top of it because sleeping directly on the floor is fucking uncomfortable. Period. Then again, most times I just book a hotel or something because I value comfort, my own space and bathroom and not having over 9000 strangers sleeping around me...

le air matress
I will take it with me to Skecon in July because Skecon has free accomodation (included in con ticket price) and I don't mind sleeping cheapo style in a smaller convention all that much because there isn't as much people.. and because I don't feel like spending 1000+ SEK on hotel costs just for a small event.. yeah, I'm cheap sometimes. This year I will hopefully sleep more comfortably at Skecon ~

Well well, I don't have so much more to say, it was a nice day.


Natsu said...

Taisin nähdä sinut vilaukselta siellä! :D Minä en tosin löytänyt tuota kourakonetta, mikä on harmi, koska en oikein viihtynyt siellä. (Raahauduin sinne perheen mukana.)
Ja näin btw olet tosi hyvä cossaaja, parempi kuin minä. XD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Oho! Minkälaiset vaatteet sulla oli päällä? Mulla oli farkut, sininen kofta, musta paita missä susia, harmaa lakki ja mustaharmaa kaulahuivi. x) (joo niin minäki menin perheen mukana)
Harmi ettet löytänyt tota kourakonetta, se oli siinä ku tuut sisätiloista ulos niin käännyt heti ku pääsee oikealle ja jatkat vaan kunnes näkyy.

Kiitos! :DD

Natsu said...

Minulla oli valkoiset farkut, jossa nappeja/niittejä ja harmaata tekstiä, vaaleanpunainen laukku ja Traconpaita. :D
Ole hyvä! ;)

Monderleuchtet Verwandler said...

In France we have Gangnam Style T-shirts in adult size! >D U jelly? x)
Well well, I'm glad you had fun ^_^

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Pffrgt I want one! D:

Arawn Elidd said...

You are awesome for slowly brainwashing your cousin into cosplaying and/or going to an anime events ~ XD

Oh, check out eBay for cheap Gangnam Style t-shirts! They've got a really good selection. >8D

Anonymous said...

Ooh the comfort of a hotel! <3