January 6, 2013

Ponytail clip-on test

Remember that ponytail clip-on I mentioned in the last post? Well, I decided to try it on together with my Sebastian/Hijikata/whatever wig to see what it looked like when worn. Ignore my lack-of-everything face. herpderp

Actually I noticed that the wig is a very dark brown-black and not full black like I had thought at first; the ponytail is black but luckily the color differences aren't disturbingly noticeable. Personally I don't really mind at least not yet xD that the colors don't match perfectly... it's understandable seeing the wig and ponytail are from different eBay sellers and wig colors are hard to match perfectly anyway. The difference is a bit noticeable when both wig and ponytail are hit by the light at the same time but otherwise okay. It will do just fine for me.

I will use this for Toshizo Hijikata's first season version from now on at cons, I think,  because it's easier to care for. That longer wig I will save for private photoshoots and when I do his calendar version. Also this combination works for another character I have in mind too, but I won't reveal that one just yet ~


ひとり said...

Tuui~ Ihuna :3

Psycho Cat said...

Yay good it works for the moment.
What was the wig you use at uppcon 12 was that not a clip -on wig or may I remeber wrong now XD

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Yup. :)

It was a clip-on one too. I just don't use it anymore because the wig's shape doesn't look good on my face. This wig is much better suited for me. (I'm selling the old one)

Psycho Cat said...

Okej so mitt minne svek mig inte XD

Arawn Elidd said...

It looks great! :) Yeah, I wouldn't worry to much over the slight color difference. I'm sure no one would even notice unless you mentioned it.

Valkoinen Samurai said...

Thanks. :)
Yeah, you're probably right.