March 28, 2012

Sengoku Basara second season finished... and Hanbei.

Finished watching Sengoku Basara's second season and it was pretty awesome.
But Jäärä trolled me, haha. At one point when we watched the anime we said something about Hanbei, I don't remember what exactly but she said something along the lines of "You will end up relating to him and liking him anyway. I promise." and I was all "Why?" and a bit confused. Well, he was kinda semi-cool and all but not like instant OMGWOW. Of course I had my suspicions what it could be but err, I couldn't really believe it would be that... but it was... and I was like "OH SHIT WHAT THE HELL MAN??" to say the least. OTL Dafuq. Totally didn't see that one coming...

Hanbei Takenaka
But yeah, I must admit Hanbei was the most likable of all the "bad guys" to me, even before knowing about  *coughcough*, he had the coolest clothes too and white hair and well, now when I know that I guess I feel a need to cosplay him. XD But one thing...

Jäärä, have you been planning all this too from the start?
I guess it's just really easy to figure out how my brains work when it comes to possible cosplay candidates... xD Oh well~

And I actually wonder if there even is any "bad guys" in Sengoku Basara, I mean, everyone were fighting with everyone for different reasons and sometimes two fighting clans would suddenly be allies. *shrugs* I guess Nobunaga and Hideyoshi were seen as the main evil ones, but about the others I don't really know... except for Matsunaga, he was a disgusting ass.

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Jäärä said...

IHANA PÖLLÖ!!! <3 Ja minä tiedän kaikki mitä päässäsi liikkuuu! >:3